Welcome To The Health And Fitness Cooperative Group!

This group was initially formed with the intention of harnessing the motivational, financial, and intellectual strength of many individuals with similar goals (health and fitness) in order to expedite the collective achievement of those goals by all participating group members.

In light of theses goals, a high degree of accountability and personal responsibility is expected from ALL group members (i.e if you say you are going to do something or be somewhere you are expected to follow through to the very best of your true ability).

Our team members are truly in a debt to your work.

Group members are encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences (both positive and negative)as pertain to improving one's overall health and fitness.

Group members are also highly encouraged to set public (to the group) short term and long term goals and share their progress (positive and negative) with the group so that we can help motivate each other and also learn from other member's mistakes and triumphs.

Finally, please DO NOT advertise products or services in this group or post messages containing links to commercial web sites. Members who do will be banned.

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